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02 October 2022
Seeking out the real and imaginary adventures found in everyday life, YA fantasy author Andi L. Gregory pens her stories of discovery and relationships surrounded by the woods near her
04 September 2022
Angela R. Watts is the bestselling and award-nominated author of The Infidel Books and the Remnant Trilogy. She’s been writing stories since she was little, and has over nineteen works
29 August 2022
Anna Lindwasser is a writer and educator living in Brooklyn, New York. She is a lifelong anime fan who has written over 1000 articles about anime for outlets like Ranker
21 August 2022
Beka Gremikova writes folkloric fantasy from her little nook in the Ottawa Valley, Ontario, Canada. Her flash fiction has been published on Havok Publishing’s website and in several of their
14 August 2022
Emmarayn Redding lives on the plains of North Dakota. She is the author and illustrator of 2013 fantasy novel The Quest for the Ivory Sword, and 2016 short story collection,

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