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Ganbatte! The Ties that Bind Us: An ANimelit Charity Anthology

Immerse yourself in a collection of anime-inspired stories from every genre. Experience the bittersweet memories of a tale’s end and the action-packed adventure of daring escapes and bitter betrayals. Explore the hunger inside you and the unwavering power of friendship through life’s trials. Rekindle your passion and reach out a hand to help those beside you—who says your favorite character always has to die? And when the journey is done and the curse is broken, wind down with friends, laugh, cry, and share a sip of your favorite bubble tea.


Filled with love and friendship each tale explores the ties that bind us and the perseverance of the human spirit. Ganbatte! がんばって!Give it your all.


This anthology supports anime charities! Profits from the sale of this anthology will be split between the Anime for Humanity, who spread mental health awareness to anime fans across the US, and the Animator Dormitory, who help support and fund underpaid animators in Japan.


Featuring stories and art from:

Abigail Falanga, Andi L. Gregory, Angela R. Watts, Anna Lindwasser, Beka Gremikova, Emmarayn Redding, Erudessa Gentian, Hannah Carter, Heather Shore, Janice Verhoog, Josiah Dyck, Julisa Bask, Katya, Melanie Morgan, Melissa Wong, Noelle Nichols, Rachel Ann Michael Harris, Suzanne Verhoog, T.M. Root, Trey McIntosh, Wyn Estelle Owens, Zimri A.Z. Zoran


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